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Moai: Build Your Dream
When In Rome
My Kingdom for the Princess II
Village Quest
Animal Genius
The Snow Fable
Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie
Secrets of the Dark: Mystery of the Ancestral Estate Collector's Edition
PuppetShow: Lost Town
Virtual Families 2
Times of Vikings
Coffee Rush 2
Turtle Odyssey 2
Awakening Kingdoms
Nightfall Mysteries: Haunted by the Past
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Download and try our addictive casual games for free. These Computer Games are available in quite a few categories, including hidden object games, adventure games, puzzle, mahjong, match 3 and strategy. The Games can be downloaded without any commitments or subscriptions - we don't even need your details to trial a game. The full featured games can then be played for up to an hour. If you are satisfied that you like a game, then purchase it. Our games are available at great value, with most games at $9.99 or $19.99 for Collector's Editions, and most major credit cards and PayPal are accepted for payment

All our free casual game downloads have been tested and are free of viruses, spyware and adware.

Latest PC Games
Bridge to Another World: The Others Collector's Edition
Ever since Jace was attacked by a mysterious being known only as an Other, you’ve devoted your life to protecting him and finding a cure for the mysterious curse the Other placed upon him. After years of fighting Others, you may have finally found the way to the world where they come from. But there may be more than the Others lurking beyond this portal. You may even find the answers to your past. Answers that have long eluded your grasp. Take a leap of faith and explore a new world full of dark magic in this thrilling hidden-object puzzle adventure game!

Fairy Kingdom
Discover Fairy Kingdom and save the Princess!
Witches' Legacy: Slumbering Darkness
The legacy of the witches continues...
Mystery Trackers: Nightsville Horror Collector's Edition
The Owl Man cometh…
Atlantic Quest: Solitaire
Discover a new deep sea adventure!
Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 3
Help the Rangers take care of the Park and Wildlife!
Greed: Forbidden Experiments
Help Julia save her kidnapped sister from a sinister cult!
1000 LYA
An exciting outer space Match 3 adventure!
Nightfall Mysteries: Haunted by the Past
Nothing is at it seems...
The Secret Order: Beyond Time Collector's Edition
Explore a world beyond time!


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